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fly, papaya leaf extract




A fly is one kind of insect is closely related to public health and can act as vectors of disease. Given the many health problems can be caused by the flies was then the environment must be free of the insect vector. Control of flies can be done to improve sanitation and environmental hygiene, physical control and chemical control. Usage of chemicals become the largest alternative to show results quickly, but have a negative impact on the environment, as an alternative is necessary in search of plant pesticides more environmentally by using ethanol extract of papaya leaves. The sap of papaya Contained enzyme papain, saponin (at low concentrations can cause hemolytich of red blood cells when absorbs into the body and toxic to animals, if it comes in contact with skin will result in damage to the skin mucosa, but it also affects the respiratory enzymes so that the function of respiratory enzymes is blocked and cause death) and the alkaloid carpaine useful to kill the amoeba because it has such effects of digitalis.

Making ethanol extract of papaya leaf maceration uses method with 70% alcohol. The control group and test groups in this study consisted of 20 flies Musca domestic in describing the feedback in the form of sugar water mixed with ethanol extract of papaya leaves.

Dose of ethanol extract of papaya leaves are effective to kill the fly Musca domestic is 20% and the optimum exposure time is 6 hours by the number of death of 53.30%. After doing the test in statistical analysis using analysis of variance methods a step between the various doses of ethanol extract of papaya leaves in getting results no significant difference in mortality between various doses of ethanol extract of papaya leaves. The test results of Analysis of variance one-step exposure to the hour of death flies in the test results found no significant difference in mortality between the various leaf extracts of exposure time.